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Child Support Payments 
can be modified up or down depending on changes in both parents situation
Do you have issues concerning back child support in Michigan?

If there is a valid child support court order against you, and you don’t make payments as required by that court order, contempt of court proceedings can be brought against you. If you have fallen behind on or stopped making support payments, the best advice to you is to pay as much of the child support order as you can and to try to make up as much of the missed payments as you can. Making some payments shows the court that you are doing your best to take care your child, even though you may not be able to follow the court order completely. If you don't make any payments, it will probably seem to the court that you do not care about the child support order. In mean time, contact our child support attorneys for filing a motion to change child support order if your circumstances have "changed substantially" since the child support order was entered by the court. 

Child Support (failure to pay) 
In Michigan, failure to pay child support can result in charges of Felony Non-Support being brought against you. The Friend of the Court may refer your case to the state prosecutor foe possible request a felony warrant.  A felony warrant is good across the United States and individuals are extradited back to Michigan upon arrest. 
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